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Step1 Grasp the current situation
Grasp the current situation of the organization.
・Basic corporate information
・HR System (previous system, system of the Headquarter in Japan, system in other overseas offices, etc.)
・Human Resources
Step2 Clarify the organization’s policy and mission
The company’s values and directions are to be clarified and be put into words.

Clarify ideal image and HR policy as a whole, such as mission, company values and directions, relevance to the business strategy, etc.
Step3 Identify the gap and issues
Confirm the gap between the “targeted ideal image” and the “current image” of the organization and identify the current issues.

Tidy up the gap and issues found and utilize the findings for concrete design of HR system.
Step4 Concrete design of HR system
Concretely design unique HR system which matches local features.

・Clarify the purpose to review the HR system
・Clarify job grading and requirement
・Design the appraisal system
・Design the salary system
Step5 Prepare to operate the HR system
Making of HR system handbook and the other regulations

Putting in mind that the HR system is a tool to solve organizational problems and achive business strategies, carefully implement the preparation for the actual operation of HR system which is to be utilized.

Set up plans and do preparations for the explanation to staff and the way of installment of the system.
Step6 Support towards the operation and installment of HR system
Introduction of the new HR system, appraisal training.

Tackling the problems that might occur after the implementation of the system.

Predict the obstacles and reasons that may appear upon the operation and installment of HR system, and grasp and tackle them mainly through meetings.

Design training programs in accordance with the situations.
■It is a type of change management consulting that targets at achieving business strategies and solving organizational problems by the means of HR system. It can be considered as one of the methods of implementing the business strategies of a company.

■Only a well-utilized HR system can be defined as a good HR system. For the purpose of effective operation of the system, we provide, as a rule, project-based process consultation.

■For small-size organizations which staff numbers are up to around 20 staffs, we provide support on constructing simple HR system that is easier for impleme


(service industry)

Design simple and flexible HR system considering their small-size organization


(electronic trading industry)

Design HR system to organize their internal system before business merge



Training for managers by means of HR system design project


(trading industry)

Design their salary system and appraisal system in Hong Kong and South China by unifying concept


(apparel industry)

Report on issues to be noted if the current Japanese HR system is applied to the China subsidiary. This is a preparation step for their future entry into the China market. (Now subsidiary already set up in Shanghai)


(communication technology manufacturer)

Disign their HR system which mainly consists of the salary and appraisal system of a large communication technology manufacturer in Beijing


(precision machine manufacturer)

Design HR system (including salary and appraisal system) and support for the implementation for their 10 branches in China which involves 300 employees. Goal-setting trainings were also conducted for their managers.


(precision machine manufacturer)

Make job description (Hong Kong) for Chinese staffs to grasp tasks and change mindset of managerial staff. Training program for managers (Chinese staffs) were also implemented.


(trading industry)

Consulting on review of HR system and making of HR system handbook

D-company (manufacturer)

Individual managers’ interview for 14 managers and submission of the report for the interview

T-company (manufacturer)

Consulting on general review of HR system including salary, appraisal, etc.

D-company (manufacturer)

Managers’ interview for 17 managers and the submission of the report on the interview, as part of a research towards staff tasks and awareness towards the company.
Consulting on general review of HR system including salary, appraisal, etc.


(consulting firm),

Consulting on the HR system review and making of HR system handbook


(trading industry)

Consulting on the HR system review and making of HR system handbook
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