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Expatriates’ Training

Training for Expatriates to Hong Kong

The some concepts of Human Resources Development for global management provided by us are as below;

A.Understanding “MUST NOT” locally right now
B.Learning principle-centered management
C.Learning cross-cultural leadership
D.Establishing mission of organization and setting up plan of policy penetration

Based on these concepts, we provide workshops and trainings listed below to newly-arrived expatriates.
  • A.Understanding “MUST NOT” locally right now
    ●Employment Ordinance Workshop
    This is the workshop at which you can learn the foundation knowledge of employment-related ordinances in Hong Kong in 2 hours. Through the workshop, we would like you to know the basic knowledge you should know as soon as possible, which covers the Labour Law (Employment Ordinance), the Discrimination Ordinances, etc. Knowing what you should not do and taboo for local management will help you to avoid an unanticipated situation. The workshop, which is held monthly, is open to SMC members only (free of charge).
  • B. Learning principle-centered management
    ●Intelligence Management Course (IMC-1) Open Training Course with charge
    This is the first course for learning the basics of management. We provide you with the basic of cross-cultural management and what the basics of management are.
    ●Intelligence Management Course (IMC-2) Open Training Course with charge
    You can learn management via case study. Based on the cases which are likely to happen, you can review your management through discussion with managers of other companies.
    ●Intelligence Management Course (IMC-3) Open Training Course with charge
    The course promotes you to innovate your management by 360 degrees feedback from local employees. It would also be an effective training course as developing subordinates at a managerial level to train up the skill of giving advices to managers while sharing issues with persons who are involved in management from other companies who are struggling in management overseas.
  • C.Learning cross-cultural leadership
    ●Cross Cultural Leadership Open Training Course (charged course)
    How do we cooperate with those people who have completely different paradigm? How would we lead them? How would we create followership? This is the training course through which you would find your awareness and build your own ideas/stance of leadership.
  • D. Establishing mission of organization and setting up plan of policy penetration
    ●Training for establishing mission/Consultation Open Training Course (charged course) and individual consultation
    Every organization must have purpose and direction/policy. An axis for management which is necessary in daily work is based on this purpose of organization, direction/policy and mission. How would a company reset up the purpose of the establishment at overseas, and the organizational purpose for the achievement of business strategy, and design the current business strategy, etc. and share those with local employees and penetrate their minds? We support you by workshop style and individual consultation style.
Application for Expatriates’ Training
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