Human Resources Development (Training) Supporting the development of individuals and organizations

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Corporate Training
Tailor-made training programs in accordance with organization issues of respective company, job grade and department, etc.
Open Training Courses
Training courses which are open to various participants from different companies. Please arrange your staff to join our training programs along with the purpose.
Expatriates’ Training
Workshops and trainings in Japanese for expatriates who has been just seconded to Hong Kong, which include “Employment Ordinance Workshop”, as well as our management trainings. Cross-culture management can be learnt.
Features of Service
Our consultants well-experienced in local management as well as global management provide you with their advices for the purpose of problem solving, aiming at staff development and organization development.
Trainer’s Profile
Our trainers have designed and conducted trainings for more than 180 Japanese companies in Hong Kong.
Training Case Examples
Let us introduce examples of the trainings conducted for various companies.