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Training Case Examples

Large-scale Logistics Company 
Training for expatriates in Asian countries

【Management Training for developing local managers】
Top management and expatriates from all over East Asia met together in this 2-day-1-night management training course. This is a training course aiming at letting Japanese management commit in developing local managers and taking concrete actions under consideration towards the future of the whole Asia.

Electronic Parts Trading Company 
Next-Generation Leaders’ Training

【Proactive training for managers as well as potential leaders】
In order not to let managers with long service years become status quo and facilitate staff from junior level expressing their idea easily, this training was made with 1.5 days. Besides, the elements of making an environment favoring the development of next generation leadership were included.

Large-scale Finance Company 
Customer Service Training

【Customer Service Training for managers to train up their subordinate】
A training course which aims at inspiring managers to demonstrate to their staff for improvement in the quality of services such as higher-level complaint handling, business manners, etc. The training took 1.5 days.
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