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■ Person who has straight-forward/pure mindset to serve clients and is able to put this into action
■ Person who is strong in thinking and has excellent communication skill
■ Person who has problem-solving skills
■ Person who has a strong sense of responsibility
■ Person who is interested in people, organizations, and HR matters

It is our intention to put our focus on work that supports “Growth and Innovation” of “Individuals and Organizations”. The cores of the large number of enquiries we currently receive are cross-cultural management and organization development. How can a company increase the productivity in overseas? How can a company develop its organization?
Recruitment, training, system creation such as HR system, and making mechanisms for energizing organization contribute to achieving those goals. These are our field.
In terms of HR matters, our group is the most popular for consultation for Japanese companies in Hong Kong. Intelligence SMC Consulting Ltd. receives over 10,000 enquires every year. We feel our own growth by consulting the enquiries that involve difficult cases. Concerning the HR business sector, we expect further specialization as well as developments in the major cities in Mainland China. It is our desire to lead the business by creating trainings which truly inspire local staffs, creating mechanisms for localization, and supporting the recruitment of managerial staffs who proactively take actions, etc.
And for Japanese enterprises, there are some management issues not only in Hong Kong, but also global management in the Headquarters in Japan. We intend to challenge into this area by our experience in the overseas and our professionalism in cross-cultural management.

We review salary once per year, and the remuneration depends on market value and achievements of individual employees. We consider our non-monetary remuneration as top class in Hong Kong.