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About Us


Alvin LEUNG General Manager Intelligence SMC Consulting Ltd.

We wish to encounter impressive moments
through providing better support in global management.

We are a membership-based HR consulting firm established in 1993. As of April 2016, we are providing various services to around 480 companies which are SMC members. Not only that Japanese labour laws are different from overseas labour laws, but that the so-called Japanese way of HR management also does not work out well when it is to be applied on local employees, whose values as well as habits differs greatly from ours in Japan. Yet many of the companies cannot get rid of the stance that they are Japanese companies when it comes to management, and they look for new ways of HR management which are able to utilize the advantages of the Japanese way of management and at the same time suitable for application on local employees.


We support the growth and innovation of companies on the frontline of global management. And through this, we contribute to Hong Kong, and continuously strive for bringing enormous impressive moments to various organizations, their employees, and ourselves.

Company Profile

Company Name Intelligence SMC Consulting Ltd.
Intelligence SMC Consulting Ltd.
Establishment Date 1st February, 1993
No. of companies under membership 480 (as of April 2016)
Address Room 402-412, Hutchison House, 10 Harcourt Road, Central, Hong Kong
Contact no. (852)-2833-0192
Fax (852)-2891-8701
Email smc@smcltd.com.hk