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Consultancy Agreement and Fee

  • Form of Agreement
  • Agreement is, as a rule, an yearly contract.
  • Termination of Agreement
  • Agreement shall be terminated by either party giving a one (1) month prior notice. However, for the first year of an agreement, an amount equals to one year’s annual membership fee will be charged with no refund.
  • Renewal of Agreement
  • Agreement is automatically renewed unless we receive notification that any changes are to be made.
  • Documents of Agreement
  • Consultancy agreement in English will be made (with a Japanese translation attached)
  • Agreement Parties
  • Parties to contracts can be any form of an incorporated company whether it is a company incorporated local subsidiary, a branch office or a representative office, etc.
  • Settling Payments
  • Membership fee payments are, as a rule, required to be made in advance.
  • Measure of Settling Payments
  • Payments are, as a rule, made on a monthly basis. Quarterly payments or lump-sum annual payments are also accepted but no special discounts will be offered.
  • Measure of Payments
  • Payments may be made by cheque, auto pay or auto collection.
※Monthly charge is based on the number of employees of the company (excluding expatriates).
※For newly established companies in Hong Kong (within one year after establishment), the monthly charge will be subject to a minimum of HK$ 1,800 per month during the first year of membership.

       No. of employees(including foreign employees employed locally) Monthly Fees
(A) 750 or above HK$ 3,000/month
(B) 400~749 HK$ 2,800-/month
(C) 250~399 HK$ 2,600-/month
(D) 100~249 HK$ 2,500-/month
(E) 90~99 HK$ 2,400-/month
(F) 80~89 HK$ 2,300-/month
(G) 70~79 HK$ 2,200-/month
(H) 60~69 HK$ 2,100-/month
(I) 50~59 HK$ 2,000-/month
(J) 40~49 HK$ 1,900-/month
(K) 30~39 HK$ 1,800-/month
(L) 20~29 HK$ 1,700-/month
(M) 10~19 HK$ 1,600-/month
(N) 9 or less HK$ 1,500-/month

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